How to use Smart Load Board on Driver App

    Audience  Drivers
    Applies To  Driver App 


    Driver App enables Drivers to bid on freight from the Smart Load Board on Driver App.

    Note: Drivers can only see and use the Load Boards feature if the Admin has turned on the option for them from the Fleet Dashboard.


    Steps: Using Smart Load Board 


    Search for a freight

    1. Log into the Driver App and click on the hamburger icon to access the left-hand side menu.
    2. Click on the Smart Load Board.


    3. Click on the Search bar.
    4. Set filters suiting your search criteria.
    5. Click on the View button to see all the loads meeting your requirements.freight_3_4_5.jpg

    6. Use the Sort By menu to update the order of the load list. You can sort by the following: Recommended, Deadhead, Trip distance, Rate, Rate per mile, and Weight.


    7. Click on the load of your choice to view its details.
    8. Click on Contact to get in touch with the broker for the next steps. In case, the broker has enabled the option to directly bid, you can bid by clicking on the Bid button.


    Book a freight

    1. From the Smart Load Board, use the date selector on the top of the screen to search loads by your desired Pickup Date.


    2. Once you find a load you are interested in, tap it on the load list. You can then view all of the details about the load on the Load Details screen.
    3. Click on Contact to talk to the broker and ask about the next steps. In case, the broker has enabled the option to directly bid as well. A broker can enable options like Contact, Bid, and/or Book Now for his load.



    Note: Motive is not a party to any load transactions that occur on the Smart Load Board. Any terms and conditions of the load transactions are solely between you, the carrier, and the freight broker who posted the load.


    Congratulations! you've learned to use the Motive Load Board feature on Driver App. If you’re a Fleet Manager and trying to access the Smart Load Board from the Motive Fleet Dashboard, you can find additional information here.


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