What is Multi HOS Clocks?

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    Motive allows Drivers to view how many hours they have left in their Hours of Service. Drivers can now switch to view multiple Hours of Service clocks while their vehicle is stationary or in motion. 

    How Multi HOS Clock Helps You

    This feature helps Drivers plan ahead and ensure they have enough hours to drive and take breaks when required while abiding by HOS break rules. 


    NoteDrivers can switch between the single HOS clock or multiple HOS clocks through an icon on the bottom left corner of the driving lock screen. 


    Multi HOS Clock Overview

    1. As soon as you start driving, your screen will be locked and you will see the remaining drive time in the shift or until you are required to take a break. You can tap on the multi circle's icon on the bottom left corner of the screen, and you will be able to view your multi HOS clocks.


    1. Once you tap the multiple circle's icon, the multi HOS clocks screen will appear showing the following four clocks. After you choose the multi HOS clocks screen, the Motive App will save it as your view preference for all future trips.


    1.  The Hours of Service clocks automatically calculate your break, drive, shift, and cycle time from your log information. Based on a Driver’s cycle, if a Driver is exempt from the 30-minute rest break their view would only include the drive, shift, and cycle clock:
    • The Break clock shows the time left until you are required to take a 30-minute rest break
    • The Drive clock shows the time left in the driving window
    • The Shift clock shows the time left until the shift ends
    • The Cycle clock shows the time left in a 60 or 70-hour cycle
    1. You can switch back to the main driving lock screen by tapping the bottom left of the screen.
    2. You can also use the night mode to darken the background of the screen when your vehicle is in motion. You can switch to night mode by tapping the icon on the bottom right of the screen. The background will become darker, which will make it easier for Drivers to monitor their Hours of Service when they are driving at night.


    1. To view the multi HOS clocks in landscape mode, rotate your screen and the clocks will flip in a horizontal line making the view easier while you are driving.


    1. When you are approaching a violation, an alert will appear on top of the four clocks notifying you in advance.



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