What is WEX/EFS Fuel Purchase Integration

    Audience Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Fuel > Fuel Purchases



    WEX/EFS fuel purchase integration automatically populates the transaction data of the EFS card rather than having the fleet users do it manually. 


    Feature Overview


    How WEX/EFS Fuel Integration Helps You

    WEX/EFS fuel integration has the following benefits:

    • Automatic fetching of transactions saves fleet users the time and effort of uploading CSV manually.
    • Fleet users can access the data for all the transactions at the same place.
    • The spreadsheet with errors can be downloaded, corrected, and uploaded manually.


    WEX/EFS Fuel Integration Working

    WEX/EFS fuel integration allows Motive to pull the data related to transactions from EFS cards and populate it into your Fleet Dashboard. The data populated contains information including date, jurisdiction, vehicle, fuel type, fuel volume, the amount in dollars, vendor, and source (EFS cards). 


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