Outdated, incorrect, or missing location issues on Motive Driver App

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    Symptoms: Driver App having outdated, incorrect, or missing location

    Outdated, incorrect, or missing location under the Motive Driver App. 




    Driver is Off Duty 

    For the location to get updated, the driver should not be in OFF Duty status but in On Duty, Sleeper Berth, or Driving

    To know how to change Duty Status, click here. 


    Data not synced with servers

    Use the Motive Driver App with an active internet connection and keep the Motive App in the foreground, on the main Logs screen.  

    Note: The duration depends on how much data there is to be synced and how strong the internet connection is.


    Outdated Google Play services (Android) 

    Updating your Google Play services through mobile settings can help you resolve the issue.


    OS Location Settings are at Low Accuracy

    When the OS Location Settings are at low accuracy, the GPS can be slower and less accurate in capturing the exact location of the vehicle, to avoid this your OS location settings should be at High Accuracy. 


    Location Permissions disabled 

    Check Motive Driver App Permissions via Phone Settings and make sure Location Permissions are enabled.

    Some other Solutions you can try are;  

    • Device Reboot can also fix some temporary issues with locations not appearing.
    • Log out of the Motive Driver App. Reinstall the App and log back in.

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    If all the above checks fail to resolve your issue, reach out to us.

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