How to get Live images from Dashcams using the Fleet App

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    Fleet Managers can now request and view live images from Smart Dashcam or AI Dashcam on the vehicle details screen from the Fleet App. Regardless of the Dashcam model, the camera has to be mounted inside the vehicle and connected. 

    Note: The ability to fetch & view live images is supported on version 1.6 and onwards of the Fleet App. 

    If you want automatic trip image updates on the vehicle details screen, enable the trip image settings from the Admin panel on the Fleet Dashboard. Doing so automatically takes images from the Dashcam at each engine start/stop event and every hour in between.

    Note: The image is not uploaded if the Vehicle Gateway is disconnected.

    Steps: Getting Live images from Dashcams using the Fleet App

    1. On the Fleet App home screen, select or search for the vehicle you want to view or request a live image of.
    2. This opens the details of the selected vehicle. Scroll down to Cameras and tap the arrow icon.

    3. If the Dashcam is installed properly, the most recent image with a timestamp of when it was uploaded displays on the Dashcam card. This image is either from a live image request or from trip images. If a Dual-Facing Dashcam is installed, both road-facing and Driver-facing images are displayed here.
    4. To request new live images, tap Refresh all at the bottom.  
    Note: Once the request is made, the page automatically refreshes to display the new images.
    5. If the Vehicle Gateway is not updated to the most recent firmware version, the app doesn't display any image until it is updated.



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