How to use coaching status for Safety Events


    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Safety



    Fleet Managers can utilize the coaching status of an event to move the event through the coaching workflow. 

    Note: The automated coaching feature helps fleets coach more efficiently by automatically identifying coachable events and moving drivers into the coaching workflow.

    Steps: Using coaching status for Safety Event

    1. Log into the Fleet Dashboard. Click on Safety in the left-hand side menu.

    2. Now, click on the Events tab, which displays a list of safety events.

    3. Each safety event is color-coded under the Severity column to reflect the event's severity level. The severity level is determined based on driver behavior, telematic intensity, and environmental conditions.

    4. You can filter the events by using the filters at the top of the Safety page.

    Screenshot (268).png

    5. Next, select an event to view more details of that Safety Event.


    6. Review the event, and set the Status for it. Click the Pending Review dropdown menu to select a status from the following options:

    • Pending Review: the default status that is automatically set on all new safety events
    • Coachable: events that require your intervention and discussion with the Driver
    • Coached: events that were coachable and are now addressed with the Driver
    • Uncoachable: events that don’t need to be addressed with the Driver
    Note: Any event in the ‘uncoachable’ status will not be considered in the Safety score

    last image -.png


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