How to reassign a Smart Trip Match back to unidentified Driver

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    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Fleet View > Trips



    Motive’s Smart Trip Match uses advanced AI technology to match Drivers to unidentified trips and automatically assigns them to the Driver within hours. A trip mistakenly assigned by Smart Trip Match can be reassigned to another Driver within a few simple steps. These trips can be assigned to Unidentified Drivers.

    Note: This feature is available for customers on the Enterprise & Pro subscription package. This feature is ON by default.



    Steps: Reassigning a Smart Trip Match back to the unidentified Driver

    1. Click on the Trips tab in Fleet View, filter for Trips with Notes, and then click on the trip to reassign.


    2. Click on Reassign in the upper right corner.


    3. Select Unidentified Driver from the Driver Name dropdown, add a Note to the trip, and click Assign when complete.


    4. The reassignment must be approved by the Driver and will appear as a Log edit suggestion. Exempt Drivers do not require approval and the trip will be reassigned instantly.


    Reassign trips back to an unidentified Driver via logs in the compliance hub.


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