How to create an Inspection Form from Fleet Dashboard- v1

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admins



    Fleet Admins can create completely custom vehicle inspection reports that can be assigned to any vehicle or group of vehicles in the Fleet. These reports allow the admins to better manage the vehicles in the Fleet.


    Steps : Creating an Inspection Form from Fleet Dashboard-v1

    1. Log into Fleet dashboard and click on Admin icon in the left-hand side menu.


    2. Click on Vehicles in the left-hand menu.

    3. Click on the Inspection Forms button.


    Note: if you do not see this screen refer to this article.

    4. Click on +Create Inspection Form.


    5. You can then enter a name for the inspection report and choose whether you want to select from a ready-made template or start from scratch. Once the two sections are filled then click on Create.


    6. You can then set the preferences for the inspection form, select which fields your drivers are required to fill out, and what you want to allow your driver to edit.

    7. To create a new field, click on Add custom text field.


    8. You can mark this new field as Required.


    9. You can then add which vehicle parts you want your drivers to inspect by selecting Add vehicle part.


    Note: After adding a part, you can then add in a part name and inspection instructions for the driver to see.

    10. Switch between Vehicle and Trailer Parts using the column at top.

    11. You can also require drivers to mark defects as major or minor by selecting the box in the right corner of the Parts section.


    12. If you scroll down to the Driver Signature section, you can add a custom declaration to go with the signature requirement by entering your personalized declaration into the box.

    13. Once you are done, click on Save.




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