KeepTruckin is now Motive - Compliance and Product FAQs


    Q: What happens during a roadside inspection or a back-office audit? 

    A: All ELD functionality will remain the same, including inspection workflows and for producing required ELD outputs from the Dashboard. 



    Q: Will the Dashboard look different? 

    A: Yes, the dashboard will reflect our new branding and colors. Functionality and interface will remain the same. 


    Q: Will this affect the KeepTruckin ELD’s Canadian certification? 

    A: There will be no impact on our ability to service our Canadian customers or material impact on our ELD certification beyond updating our certification to reflect our new branding. 


    Q: My device has the contact information for Support on the back.  Will this contact info be changed?  If so, will I receive anything with the new information on it that I can put on my device?

    A: You can contact Support using the same phone number on the back. You can also contact us here or visit the help center at Website:


    KT Card / Motive Card 

    Q: Will my fuel card rebates still be available at the same locations currently supported?

    A: All rebates and partnerships remain the same! You will not see any change in rebates or functionality. 


    Q: Will I be receiving new cards with the new company name and logo?

    A: You are free to continue using your KeepTruckin branded card. In the event, your card needs to be replaced (e.g., your card expires, you lost your card, etc.), the replacement card will have our new company name and logo. 


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