How to view driver DRIVE score and driving behavior on Fleet Dashboard

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    The DRIVE risk score is calculated for a fleet after 2 weeks of driving behavior. In addition to evaluating risk, DRIVE brings visibility to the top and bottom-performing drivers. In this article, you will learn how to view your driver's DRIVE score and specific driving behaviors.


    Steps: Viewing DRIVE score and driving behavior 


    How to view drivers’ DRIVE Score

    1. Log in to the Motive Fleet Dashboard and click on the Safety in the left-hand side menu.

    Doing so will bring you to the Safety Hub, where you can view your fleet's DRIVE score in addition to your Driver Performance leaderboard.


    2. To quickly view driver-level DRIVE scores, click on the Drivers tab. Under the Scores column, you can keep track of the overall DRIVE Scores of your drivers.



    How to view drivers’ specific driving behaviors

    Use the DRIVE Insights feature to understand how specific driver behaviors impact DRIVE over time, at the fleet and driver levels. You can use these insights to create tailored coaching programs to improve the driver behavior.

    1. On the Insights tab, use the DRIVE Score Explorer on the left to dig further into each specific driving behavior and understand its impact on the fleet DRIVE score. The 5 contributing factors are:

    • Braking
    • Accelerating
    • Cornering
    • Speeding
    • HOS Violations


    Below you can see an example of the contributing factors for braking:

    Use the stacked bars that follow the right-handed Y-axis to see how braking impacted the DRIVE score for the given week.

    • Anything above 0 means your fleet performed better than the expected braking behavior - thus adding points to your fleet’s DRIVE score.
    • Anything below 0 means your fleet performed worse than the expected braking behavior - thus subtracting points from your fleet’s DRIVE score.
      The blue line on the graph follows the left-handed Y-axis and displays the DRIVE score for the given week.

    The This Week section shows your DRIVE score for the week and the net impact braking had on your score compared to the previous week.


    Note: HOS violations that are resolved by the following Monday will not impact the DRIVE risk model.


    Learn more about the DRIVE risk score with our 101 guide.


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