How to redeem Motive Referral gift card

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    Motive lets you earn money every time you refer a new customer to Motive or if you have been referred by someone. You don’t have to be a Motive customer to earn money.


    Steps: Redeeming Motive Referral gift card 

    1. Log into your email ID and lookup for the email from Motive which includes the Amount, the Card Number, and a Redemption URL to redeem your gift card.


    The email is sent from the email ID:

    2. Click on the Redemption URL to redeem your gift card. My Digital Wallet page opens with the digital token (the card number sent to you via email) filled out automatically under the Username tab.


    3. If you already have a Digital Wallet account, enter your Username and Password to log in.



    Note: The credentials for this account are different from your Ambassador and Motive accounts’ credentials.


    4. Click Continue to log in.


    5. If you do not have an account with My Digital Wallet, you can create one by clicking on Create a Wallet at the bottom right of the page.


    6. As soon as you do that, the Token tab opens up.


    7. Enter the Digital Token i.e., the Card Number provided in the email from Motive.


    8. Enter a Username in the Create Username entry box.


    9. Enter a Password in Create Password field and confirm it by re-entering it in Confirm Password field. You can also click Show Passwords to view your Password.

    Note: The Password cannot be the same as Username. It should have at least 7 characters and must contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase character, and one number.

    10. Click on Continue.


    11. Now, the My Profile dialog displays. Fill in the details on your profile. These details will be used by Digital Wallet to send you the information about your gift cards.


    12. If you request a physical gift card, it will be sent to the address entered here. This address will also be the address you use as a billing address when making purchases online.

    Note: There is a $2 USD fee for physical gift cards.

    13. Check the check box at the bottom and click Continue to finish creating your profile.


    14. Once logged into the account or after your new profile has been created, select the option according to your desire on the Select an Option Below dialog.


    15. Click Select in the Virtual Visa Card section to redeem your virtual gift card for free.


    16. Click Select in the Physical Visa Card section to redeem your physical gift card for $2.


    17. Under the Save for Later section, click Select to save your token for combining it with other tokens and get a card for a larger value.


    18. After you have made a selection, it asks you to confirm your selection by clicking Confirm. You can also go back to choose a different gift card by clicking Go Back.


    19. As soon as you hit Confirm, the Terms dialog displays. Click Agree to continue.


    20. Now, the details of your gift card display (if you selected a digital gift card).


    The referral gift card provided by Motive works like a normal credit card and can be used online anywhere that accepts Visa cards.

    If you are a referrer or a referee, go to and log into your Digital Wallet by using the Username and Password created above. By doing so, you can also view your transaction history and inquire about your gift card details such as expiry date, card number, etc.


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