How to approve or reject Adverse Driving Conditions Exception by Fleet Admin

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    Note: This article is for information purposes only. The feature will be available in version 50(and above) of the Motive driver application.



    Fleet Admins can make edit suggestions around Adverse Driving Conditions Exception on a driver's logs, even if the log no longer appears on the Motive Driver App. Drivers can approve or reject the edit suggestions in their app.


    Steps: Approving or rejecting Adverse Driving Conditions Exception by Fleet Admin

    1. Open the Motive Driver App and select Logs.


    2. Log edits made by a Fleet Admin will be listed under the Log Edits section on the Logs screen. Select the log from this list to view the suggested edit.


    3. Your Fleet Admin’s edits will be in the Edited Log tab. To view the original log, tap on the Current Log tab.



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