Vehicle Gateway Replacement Process

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    You can replace the first generation Vehicle Gateway (LBB-1) at no cost with shipping included. The upgrade will cost you nothing and your current plan/billing structure will remain the same. There are no hidden charges either. 

    First generation Vehicle Gateway comparison to the latest model

    LBB-1 (first generation)

    • No cellular antenna
    • Limited communication and connectivity capability
    • Contains old firmware and cannot receive automatic updates
    • Not compatible with the latest features and technology like Wi-Fi hotspot, speed thresholds, etc.

    LBB-3.5CA (new generation)

    • Built in cellular antenna
    • Enhanced communication and connectivity capability
    • Latest firmware with automatic updates to the latest features and releases
    • Compatible with the latest up-to date features and upcoming future launches

    Replacement process

    1. Customers with LBB-1 Vehicle Gateways are notified of the upcoming replacement through the Driver App or the Fleet Dashboard.

    2. Drivers receive a replacement notification through the App. 

    3. Fleet managers/admins receive a notification through the web dashboard.

    4. Shipment takes approximately 2 weeks through UPS.

    5. We deliver the Vehicle Gateway to the address we have in our system for your account.

    Note: If you would like to have the replacement sent to a different address, fill out this form to complete your request.

    6. You do not need to do anything to complete this replacement. 

    7. The upgrade will cost you nothing, your current plan/billing structure will remain the same. There are no hidden charges either.

    8. Once you receive the Vehicle Gateway, you just need to install the device. 

    9. You can dispose/recycle the old Vehicle Gateway once you receive the replacement. The first generation (LBB-1) Vehicle Gateways automatically gets deactivated after 10 weeks upon receiving the new generation of Vehicle Gateway.


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