How to bulk upload odometer readings for OBD-II vehicles

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    For OBD-II vehicles, the Vehicle Gateway currently only captures virtual odometer values and shares them with third-party maintenance integrations.

    The Motive support team can now bulk upload actual odometer readings for you so you can have accurate odometer values sent to third-party maintenance integrations (such as FleetIO) which will help with your scheduled maintenance reminders for these vehicles. 

    Simply download this CSV file and fill in all the required details.


    Steps : Bulk Uploading odometer readings for OBD-II vehicles

    1. Download this linked CSV file.

    2. Open the downloaded file. The column headings will be populated with input fields.

    Note: The optional fields are not required to be filled in. Feel free to add more rows if additional inputs are required.

    3. Once complete, remove the sample data and email the CSV file to


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