How to view and download Geofence Summary Report

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Reports



    Geofence Summary Report gives Fleet Managers and Fleet Admins a quick glance over the activity of their vehicles and assets in a fleet. Utilizing the data presented in this report, they can better manage dwell times of their resources and get help with improved billing.


    Steps: Viewing and downloading geofence summary reports


    View Geofence Summary Report

    1. Log into the Fleet Dashboard and click on the Reports in the left-hand side menu.

    2. Click on Geofences under the Browse section.

    3. Click on the Geofence Summary.


    4. The Geofence Summary page opens displaying all the reports of the geofences.

    Note: If you recently created a geofence for vehicles, you might see a message on the page letting you know that this report will be updated with historical data dating back 90 days for all newly added geofences for vehicles. This message will go away within a few hours. 


    5. Click on the Vehicle or Asset tab to filter the summaries of your choice.
    6. Use filters of Date, Select Geofences, and Select Categories to filter data as per your choice.
    7. The duration of the visit can be chosen by clicking on the Any visit duration drop-down which includes options like more than 2 minutes, more than 5 minutes, more than 10 minutes, more than 15 minutes, etc.
    8. Groups can be selected from the Select Groups dropdown.
    9. Use the fields of Select Vehicles and Select Drivers to filter reports for specific vehicles and drivers respectively.


    10. Click on the Save button to save the results you received along with the filter settings.



    Download Geofence Summary Report

    1. From the Geofences Summary page, click on the Options button.

    2. Click on Export as PDF or Export as CSV to download the file in the format of your choice.


    An email with the link to the report is sent to your given email address. Click on the link to download the report.


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