2022-Jan-14 Announcement: PTO Cable and Reports

    Release Date

    January 14th, 2022



    Motive has launched a PTO AUX cable (Cable-5005) to capture PTO activity. This helps in obtaining accurate usage data, such as information on location and duration of PTO use, classifying idling due to PTO, and providing alerts during unsafe scenarios where PTO is engaged on a moving vehicle.

    The Fleet Dashboard includes new and updated features to support reporting on usage.


    Note: This is currently available to customers on the Pro and Enterprise subscription package.

    Learn more: PTO Cable & Reporting Overview


    Feature Overview

    PTO Cable: The new PTO AUX cable (Cable-5005) is used to capture any PTO on/off activity on the vehicle & send that information to the Vehicle Gateway.

    Fleet Dashboard PTO Reports & Alerts: Once the cable is installed and reporting is enabled, the user can track the following information on the Fleet Dashboard:

    • Track duration and location of the engagement.
    • Classify Idle time into PTO time vs. unproductive idle time.
    • Get smart alerts around vehicles moving when PTO is engaged.


    Updates (Available on Pro + Enterprise Plans)

    Updated Articles

    Fuel Overview
    • Vehicle Utilization information now includes PTO time (considered to be productive time) when the vehicle is idling.

    Fuel Hub Overview
    Vehicle & Driver List
    • The utilization percentage now reflects the time PTO was engaged.
    • Idling time now captures between the time when the vehicle was idling and PTO was off.
    • Includes PTO time, which captures the total time PTO was engaged for a specific vehicle or driver.

    Fuel Hub Driver List

    Fuel Hub Vehicle List

    AUX Activity Detail Report
    • This new report captures all instances when the AUX input went on or off, location, time, and other details.
    How to View PTO/AUX Report
    Vehicle & Driver Utilization Reports
    • The Utilization Reports now include PTO time and display total PTO time across vehicles and drivers.

    Viewing Your Vehicle's Utilization Details
    Idling Events
    • PTO time is now included, so detailed Idling Events can be used to distinguish if the vehicle was idling due to PTO versus true idling.

    View Vehicle's Idle Events
    • Set up and receive alerts on the admin page, notifying you when a vehicle is moving with PTO engaged.

    How to View PTO/AUX Report and Create PTO Alert


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