How to View Overridden Threshold Events on Motive Fleet Dashboard

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin



    Motive allows Fleet Admins to determine smart threshold values for safety events based on the vehicle class and location of the event. 


    Steps: Viewing Overridden Threshold Events on Motive Fleet Dashboard

    1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard and click on Admin in the left-hand side menu. 


    The Drivers page opens and displays a list of drivers in your fleet.

    2. Now click on Company in the left-hand side menu to change your company settings.

    3. Click on Edit Company Information.

    Screenshot (32).png

    4. Scroll down to the Safety Event Settings section. The Smart Event Thresholds is turned On by default.

    Note: Motive strongly recommends keeping this setting On. If you turn off the settings for Smart Event Thresholds, navigate to step 8 to customize the Event Threshold Override values for your fleet.

    5. The number of vehicles with threshold overrides is listed below the Smart Event Thresholds option. Click on the(x) vehicles have threshold overrides. 


    Doing so displays a dialog box showing the name and make/model of the vehicles with threshold overrides.

    6. To access the vehicle profile which has overridden the event threshold on the company settings, hover over the row and click on Edit.


    Doing so opens the Edit Vehicle page and allows you to edit the selected vehicle’s profile.

    7. Under the Safety Events Settings section, check Override Safety Event Threshold Settings for this Vehicle.

    8. This displays various options, which allow you to set custom Event Threshold Overrides values for the selected vehicle.


    You can also adjust the new threshold event values by dragging the slider to the desired intensity levels. Learn more about setting safety thresholds for vehicles here.


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