How is the fleet’s performance predicted in the Compliance Hub?

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard



    The CSA Insights page gives the Fleet Admins access to various performance factors. Based on a DOT number and a basic category, the data can be filtered to view a trend graph displaying the 24-month running history of the measure and percentile over time. The dotted blue line in the graph indicates a projection for the first three upcoming months of a fleet’s measure and percentile. This is calculated based on the following:

    • Expected Measure: This forecast incorporates old violations being removed and the average points from historical violations being added. In other words, the CSA severity points from 24 months ago would be removed and the average CSA points incurred in the most recent months would be added to provide a realistic projection for that BASIC. 
    • Expected Percentile: This forecast is based on the projected measures of all fleets in your safety group. Every carrier’s projected measure is compared against each carrier in your safety event group to provide a projection of the percentile score for that BASIC.


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