2022-March 10 Announcement: Driver Hub

    Release Date

    March 10th, 2022



    A new mobile experience for drivers to simplify daily tasks focus on what’s important, and complete workflows quickly — all from one place. 

    All drivers will have access to a default experience that is relevant for them, making navigation easier and showing them what’s most important.

    For Enterprise subscription users, the new home screen in the Motive Driver App is customizable so that they can create a more curated experience for their drivers.


    Feature Overview

    Benefits for Fleet Admins

    • Customize experiences: Tailor the experience to different types of drivers or a subset of drivers.
    • Increase driver productivity: Help drivers focus on what matters most by highlighting key actions and workflows to complete. 
    • Automate processes: Reduce admin tasks such as checking reports, calling drivers, or making corrections.  

    Benefits for Drivers

    • Simplify daily tasks: Easily view all items in one place. The tools for drivers to do their job can now be accessed in fewer clicks.
    • Focus on what’s important: Drivers can easily understand key actions to complete and issues to resolve.
    • Complete workflows quickly: View highlighted tasks and complete various workflows more quickly.


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