Dashcam disconnects frequently

    Audience Drivers
    Applies To  Dashcam, Vehicle Gateway 


    Symptoms: Motive Dashcam disconnects frequently 

    • The Dashcam keeps on getting disconnected from the Vehicle Gateway.



    • Unknown



    If your Motive Dashcam keeps on getting disconnected, follow the steps listed below:

    • Check the cable connection of both the Vehicle Gateway and the Dashcam.
    • Turn off the engine and disconnect the Vehicle Gateway and Dashcam.
    • Inspect the cable on both the ends and the diagnostic port of the vehicle.
    • Inspect the camera cable and USB port of the Vehicle Gateway.
    • Connect the Vehicle Gateway back to the vehicle and the dashcam to the Vehicle gateway.
    • Ensure all connections are clean and tight.
    • Start the engine and wait for the LED light to turn on the Motive Dashcam and observe the behavior (Should be solid red).


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