How to update your Saved Reports

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Reports > Saved



    Fleet Dashboard makes it easy for you to view and update all the reports saved by you. While updating a saved report, you can change filters and rename it.


    Steps: Updating your Saved Reports

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and click Reports on the left-hand side menu. 
    2. To view the list of saved reports, click on the Saved reports tab.
    3. To edit a saved report of your choice, hover over the report name and click on Options.


    4. Click on Edit Report from the dropdown.


    5. Change the filters as per your choice.
    6. Click on the Update button when done.


    7. Change the Name and Report Time Range of the report if desired.
    8. Click on the Save button. 


    9. The prompt with successful updating of the report appears on the top.



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