Upgrade your OS for Apple Devices


    Audience Drivers, Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins 
    Applies To Motive Driver App, Fleet App



    The minimum requirement for iOS devices supported by the Motive Driver App is iOS version 15. If your device is running older iOS versions, update your device to gain access to all the latest updates and features.


    Steps: Upgrading your OS for Apple Devices

    1. Make sure your device is connected to WiFi and ensure you have a strong internet connection.

    2. Open the Settings app on your device.


    3. Click General.


    4. Tap Software Update


    5. If there's an update, the button to download and install it is activated. Tap Download and Install.


    The updated version of iOS is now installed. 

    Note: We have decided to stop supporting older iOS versions to protect our Apple users. For security reasons, we advise all our Apple users running iOS to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system. By doing this, you can have a well-protected account and gain access to our latest updates and features.


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