How to identify an asset with AG55 Thermo King Integration

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    Applies To Fleet dashboard > Fleet View



    The Motive integrated platform provides best-in-class tracking and monitoring solutions for reefers, vehicles, trailers, and equipment - all in one place. In this article you will learn how to identify reefers with the AG55 Thermo King integration.


    Steps: Identifying an asset with AG55 Thermo King integration

    1. Log into the Fleet Dashboard and click on Fleet View.

    2. In the Map Tab, any vehicle with an asset connected to a Thermo King reefer will display a snowflake icon.

    3. To get a quick view of the reefer temperature, hover over the snowflake icon.


    4. To get a detailed view, click on the Assets Tab in Fleet View.

    5. Filter types by Reefer.


    6. The ones that show Cable Powered or Connected will be your Thermo King enabled reefer trailers.


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