App is Slow/Sluggish

    Audience Drivers, Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins 
    Applies To Motive Driver App, Fleet App



    Motive Driver App or Fleet app is running slow or sluggish.



    1. Mobile device on power-saving mode 
    2. Multiple apps running simultaneously 
    3. Not enough storage capacity 
    4. More..



    1. Ensure that your mobile device is not in power-saving mode.
    2. If there are apps running simultaneously on your device, please terminate all the background apps.
    3. Make sure your device has enough storage capacity to run the app smoothly.
    4. Reboot your mobile device and observe the behavior of the app.

    If the Motive Driver App or Fleet App is still not working properly after going through the above-mentioned steps, please contact us by mentioning your concern.


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