What is an AI Dashcam Service Kit?


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    The AI Dashcam Service Kit contains everything you need to install your AI Dashcam in a new vehicle or fix an existing installation.


    How AI Dashcam Service Kit Helps You

    It helps you to install the AI Dashcam in a vehicle.


    AI Dashcam Service Kit Overview

    The contents of the service kit include:

    • Rugged duty mount
      duty mount.png
    • Package of zip ties
      zip ties.png
    • Package of cable clips
    • Allen key wrench
      allen ranch.png
    • Alcohol swabs
      alcohol swabs.png
    • Spare adhesive stickers for the mount

    Rugged duty mount

    This mount attaches to the rear of the camera and then adheres to the windshield of the vehicle. It’s removable from the camera so you can move the AI Dashcam to a different vehicle. The adhesive strip can be replaced with one of the spares.


    Zip ties

    For keeping cables neat and tidy.


    Cable clips

    For routing cables around the windshield of the vehicle.


    Allen key wrench

    For tightening or loosening the thumb screw and secondary screw on the mount.


    Alcohol swabs

    For cleaning the mounting area on the windshield and the USB port area on the Vehicle Gateway.


    Spare adhesive stickers

    Replaceable adhesive stickers that go on the windshield side of the mount and then adhere to the windshield.


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