How to switch from AOBRD to ELD Product

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard



    Motive makes it easy to select the right compliance product for your fleet. From December 16, 2019, the use of Automatic On-Board Recording Devices (AOBRDs) was no longer allowed under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. It has become mandatory for motor carriers operating an AOBRD compliance product to switch to an ELD compliance product in order to stay compliant.
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    Note: Customers cannot switch to the AOBRD product from the Motive Fleet Dashboard once they have switched to the ELD product. Eligible fleets that wish to continue using the Motive AOBRD compliance product will need to contact Motive Support at for further assistance.

    Steps: Switching from AOBRD to ELD

    1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard and click on Admin on the left-hand side menu.

    2. Expand the PRODUCTS dropdown menu and click Compliance. 

    3. Click Edit for General information. 


    4. Switch ELD to AOBRD mode.

    5. Once done, click Save. 


    With the switch, the device becomes fully compliant with all of the ELD specifications, and the following settings apply by default:

    a. Fleet Admins are now only allowed to assign driving time to Co-Drivers.
    b. Fleet Admins and Drivers cannot shorten automatically recorded drive time by reclassifying the time.
    c. Vehicle motion threshold is 5 mph and cannot be moved.
    d. Drivers are now able to transmit an output file to an officer at the roadside.


    Fleets that choose to continue using the AOBRD product for acceptable reasons have three additional settings to choose from:

    a. Allow Drivers to reclassify driving time to Yard Move / Personal Conveyance.

    b. Allow driving events to be re-assigned to any Driver.
    c. Adjust the dial on the Vehicle Motion Threshold from 5 mph to 15 mph.

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