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    Motive has a Motive Card program for fleets that includes an integrated credit card management UI(User Interface) to set spend controls, fuel insights that combine telematics and transactions data, and comes with pre-negotiated fuel discounts at preferred locations.

    It is available for both New and Existing customers at no additional cost, where they can choose to use this as a standalone product or alongside our other products.

    To avail this feature, you can submit Motive Commercial Underwriting in 4 simple steps.


    Steps: Applying for Motive Commercial Underwriting


    Fill out our easy online application form. It typically takes about 5 minutes to complete.



    Provide Motive with all financial documents requested. Additional business verification documents may be requested.

    The financial documents that Motive requires from you include;

    1. Al least one of the below
      • Digitally connect your bank via Plaid (fastest option)
      • Provide 3 consecutive months of PDF Business Bank Statements
    2. May be required for higher spending capacity
      • 2 year of audited financials like Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flow
      • 2 consecutive years of Tax Returns
      • Corporate Guarantee
      • Letter of Credit



    Motive reviews your application, financial documents, and other data to assess your creditworthiness.



    Motive communicates the outcome of your business request for credit, usually within 3 business days.


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