How to track Dispatches for customers without TMS Integration

    Audience Fleet Managers 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Fleet View 


    Motive allows you to track the progress of any vehicle moving toward its destination with ETAs and status information. This helps you view progress in real-time and plan tasks accordingly.

    This feature behaves differently depending on whether or not you have TMS integration with Motive. In this article, we will cover how customers can track their vehicles without TMS integration.


    Note: This feature is only available for Pro/Enterprise subscriptions.

    Steps: Tracking dispatches without TMS Integration

    1. Log into the Motive Fleet dashboard. This will display the Fleet View page.
    2. Select a vehicle in the Fleet View to see the Live tab on your screen.


    3. To add a destination for the vehicle, click on Add destination to get an ETA.


    4. Add the address for the dispatch in the Destination field. Add an arrival date and time for the dispatch in the Arrive By fields. If you add time in the Arrive By field, it will also tell you if the vehicle will arrive on time.

    5. To track the vehicle’s ETA and on-time status until it reaches the destination, click on Start Tracking.


    On doing so, you will be able to see the status for the selected vehicle in the vehicle’s Live tab.



    Note: ETA does not take into account stops, traffic delays, or road conditions. It is based on regular automobile travel time.


    6. Once the vehicle reaches and leaves its destination, the tracking status updates with the Arrived and Departed status.

    7. To update a destination or time for the next dispatch, click on Edit.


    On doing so, additional fields display where you can update the Destination and Arrive By time for the dispatches.

    8. Click on Save to update changes.
    9. To stop the vehicle tracking, click on Delete.



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