How to sign logs from computer



    Applies To Driver App > Logs



    The Motive Driver Dashboard allows the drivers to sign logs from the past 14 days or newer. However, the logs older than 14 days can only be signed using the Motive website with your Driver App login credentials.  


    Steps: Signing Logs from computer 

    1. Go to and click on Login.2022-10-26_2-04-03.png
    2. Log into your Motive Driver account.mceclip0.png
    3. You’ll reach the Overview page.umage3.1.png
    4. Click on Logs on the left-hand side menu. 
    5. Select the log you want to sign. 
    6. Click Sign.mceclip2.png
    7. Enter your sign and click Save. image_5.png


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