How to submit speeding disputes from Fleet Dashboard

    Audience Fleet Managers 
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Safety



    If a speeding event shows inaccurate data, fleet managers with the right permissions can dispute the event. 

    Fleet managers can dispute a speeding event at any time, effectively removing the event from the dashboard. Disputes made within four weeks of an event being generated will not be factored into the driver's DRIVE Score. Disputes made after this period will still be used to calculate their score.

    Note: Fleet managers must have the “Dispute Speeding Events” permission to submit a speeding dispute.



    1. Log into the Fleet Dashboard and select Safety from the main menu on the left. 

    2. Select the Speeding tab. 

    3. Choose the driver/vehicle you want to submit a dispute for.Step_1_2_3.png

    4. Click on Dispute event.step_4.pngA prompt will appear asking you to choose the type of issue faced by the driver. 

    5. Choose from the options or click Other to explain what the issue was.  

    6. Click on Submit.Step_5_6.pngYou will receive a notification saying Event disputed successfully.Step_7.pngMotive will receive your request and remove the speeding event if the dispute meets the requirements mentioned above. 

    7. Approved disputes will be noted on the speeding event details page.step.png


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