How to force-enable existing drivers for ELD mode

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin > Company



    Fleet Admins can force-enable drivers for ELD mode if a driver was previously set in Electronic Logbook mode. This will allow drivers to start connecting with the Vehicle Gateway immediately without having to wait an additional day.


    Steps: Force-enabling existing drivers for ELD mode

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and click on the Admin icon in the left-hand side menu.


    2. Click the Organization dropdown menu and click Drivers.

    3. Select the driver profile you wish to edit. Click Options and then select Edit Account.


    4. In the Hours of Service Compliance section, under Required (as required is already selected), change the Compliance Mode to ELD.
    5. Click on Save button.


    6. After you click Save, you will be prompted with the option to force enable a driver for ELD mode in order to allow drivers to connect with their Vehicle Gateway immediately; select OK to proceed.



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