How to setup a Vehicle as Unregulated (Non-CMV) using Fleet Dashboard

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    If you want to set up a vehicle as Unregulated (Non-CMV) in Fleet Dashboard, you need to follow the process explained below:


    Steps: Setting up a Vehicle as Unregulated (Non-CMV) in Fleet Dashboard 

    1. Log in to Motive Fleet Dashboard and select the Admin icon at the bottom left.


    2. Select Vehicles and click Add Vehicle.

    Screenshot (49).png

    3. Under vehicle settings, go to Vehicle Regulation.

    Screenshot (50).png

    4. Select Unregulated (non-CMV) from the dropdown menu.


    Note: Currently, we do not provide the capability to fleet admins to switch the regulation mode, which means once a vehicle is saved as ‘Unregulated (non-CMV) ’, it can only be switched to ‘Regulated (CMV) ’ or vice versa from driver application. For all active vehicles, this setting is set as ‘Regulated’ by default.

    5. Click the Save button.


    6. Once saved, you can see Unregulated with the vehicle's name on the vehicle profile under Fleet View.



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