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    Qualitas is an insurance company that provides specialized insurance products to protect customers’ assets and minimize risks. Qualitas has integrated with Motive to receive telematics information and collision reports for anyone who clicks on the Qualitas tile in the app marketplace. 

    An authorization code flow is generated once customers authorize Qualitas as their insurance partner for collision reports.

    Note: Customers who consent to share data with Qualitas can receive premium discounts based on performance.

    To give consent for sharing telematics information and collision reports, customers install the application from App Marketplace. 


    Integration Benefits

    The Qualitas application performs as a data-sharing platform between the customer and Qualitas. Whenever a collision event occurs, a collision report is generated and sent to Qualitas for notification and timely review. 


    System Requirements


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    • Subscription Level: Pro + ENT


    Steps: Enabling Qualitas integration with Motive Fleet Dashboard

    1. Log in to the Motive Fleet Dashboard.


    2, Once logged in, use the left sidebar to find the Marketplace tab. Click Marketplace to open the Marketplace page.


    3. Across the top of the Marketplace page are categories that list Motive partners.
    4. Click the Insurance category.


    5. Scroll or search for the name of your insurance provider and click their tile.


    6. You can find a brief description of your insurance provider’s business and integration or partnership details with Motive on their app marketplace page tile.
    7. Click the Install button below the company logo to initiate data sharing.


    8. A pop-up appears notifying you that by installing the app, you agree that Motive can share your data with the selected partner. The specific data points being shared with the partner also appear in the same pop-up.
    9. Click Install to agree to the terms and start sharing your data.



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