Dashcam Video Retrieval via USB cable


    In situations where dashcam videos cannot be accessed from the dashboard due to damage to the vehicle, dashcam, or vehicle gateway, or if the connection between the vehicle gateway and dashcam is disrupted, there is an alternative method to retrieve the necessary footage. You can simply plug the dashcam into a computer or laptop to attempt to access the footage directly. Motive's dashcams are designed to be plug-and-play devices, facilitating easy access to footage when needed. This process applies to Smart and AI dashcams.


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    This process also allows you to access all available footage on the dashcam. This can be used in cases where you're not sure about the time of the incident/accident.



    1. Note the local time and time zone of the reported event. 

    2. Convert the local time of the incident to UTC time - please use this link 

    3. Install VLC Media Player on your system.

    4. Plug in the dashcam USB cable into your laptop or PC. 
    5. Browse through the video files, files are listed in YYYY-MM-DD and for time its HH-MM-SS.     (Locate the file who’s filename is closest to the desired timeframe in UTC)

    6. Each video file is a 10min long video.
    7. Copy the required videos to your system.

    8. Unplug the dashcam. 

    9. Play the videos using VLC Player. 

    Note :

    1. Kindly make sure to unplug the dashcam once videos have been retrieved successfully. If the dashcam stays plugged in, as it keeps getting power from your system, it may over-ride existing videos on the dashcam storage.
    2. When requesting a video from your dashboard, it's crucial to ensure that the vehicle engine is running and that both the vehicle gateway and dashcam are connected (Powered Up). If any of these conditions are not met, the video will fail to upload to your dashboard. This simple precaution ensures seamless access to the footage you need for effective fleet management and safety monitoring.
    3. In case the dashcam is damaged please contact our Safety Support team at 855-434-3564 or by emailing us at support@gomotive.com



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