How to view Driver Safety Performance report

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard



    Track unsafe behavior performance over time with the Driver Safety Performance Report.

    Note: Any changes made to a trip will take one day to reflect in the report.


    Steps: Viewing Driver Safety Performance report

    1. Log in to the Motive Fleet Dashboard and click Reports.


    2. Click on the Safety tab in the Browse section and then select Driver Safety Performance.


    3. You can filter the Driver Safety Performance Report by date range, Drivers, Behaviors, and Groups.


    4. The Driver Safety Performance report surfaces the following information:

    Total Occurrences Count of the total behavior occurrences generated within the time period, and above the Fleet’s behavioral thresholds. Uncoachable events are not counted here.
    % of Total occurrences (Total occurrences for individual behavior/sum of occurrences across all behaviors)*100
    Coachable Count of occurrences where the behavior was coachable
    % of total coachable (Count of coachable occurrences for individual behavior/sum coachable count across all behaviors)*100
    Coached Count of occurrences where the behavior was coached
    % coachable that were coached (count coached occurrences for individual behavior/coachable occurrences for individual behavior) * 100
    % of drivers coachable (count of drivers with a coachable occurrence for individual behavior/active drivers for time period) * 100
    % of coachable drivers coached (count coached drivers for individual behavior/count coachable drivers for individual behavior)*100
    Uncoachable Count of occurrences for individual behavior where the behavior was deemed uncoachable
    % coachable that were identified as uncoachable (count uncoachable occurrences for individual behavior/coachable count for individual behavior) * 100



    5. The Driver Safety Performance report can also be scheduled by selecting the three dots on the right-hand side and clicking on Schedule from the dropdown menu.


    6. Click Save.


    7. In order to download the report, select Options on the right-hand side and select Export as CSV.



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