Smart Dashcam In-cab Alerts


    Smart Dashcam provides notifications and alerts related to unsafe driving behavior for your drivers.


    How Smart Dashcam Alerts Help You

    When unsafe behavior is detected, the Smart Dashcam automatically notifies drivers through audio feedback. To enable the in-cab alerts below, you will need to visit your Motive Fleet Dashboard. 


    Smart Dashcam Alerts Overview

    The following in-cab alerts are available for activation:

    • Driver not connected to the vehicle
    • Speeding above threshold 
    • Safety Events (Hard Cornering, Hard Acceleration, Hard Braking)

    Driver Not Connected to Vehicle:  drivers forgetting to log in to the mobile application are reminded to do so every 5 minutes

    Speeding above policy: alerted to slow down above a company-defined speed threshold

    Speeding above-posted speed limit: drivers are alerted if their speed is over the defined limit for a particular duration of time

    Hard cornering: alerted when a critical event has been detected for cornering excessively

    Hard braking: alerted when a critical event has been detected for braking excessively

    Hard acceleration: alerted when a critical event has been detected for accelerating aggressively

    How to set up 

    1. Click on the left bottom corner of your Fleet Admin Dashboard to be on the admin section.
    2. Click on the company option from the left sidebar
    3. Click on edit company information. 
    4. Scroll down to dashcam settings and in-cab audio alerts 
    5. You can set these thresholds up to your choice. 

    alerts .png

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