Entering Canada with Split Sleeper Berth resulted in a violation


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    Symptoms: Entering Canada with Split Sleeper Berth resulted in a violation

    If the Driver is using a Split Sleeper Berth Provision for a specific day in the US and if that split continues in Canada for the next day, it might result in a violation on the Driver's log in some cases.



    It can happen due to the following possible reasons:

    1. The second qualifying period was not excluded from shift calculation under the Canadian HOS rules, unlike US HOS rules. 
    2. The next day HOS rules are calculated based on the Canadian HOS rules which are slightly different than US HOS rules.



    Make sure to understand the Split Sleeper rule in Canada and take the required sleeper berth period in order to meet the provision requirements.

    Note: It’s possible that Drivers can see violations before both qualifying periods are completed. Drivers are required to complete both qualifying split sleeper pairing in order to avoid HOS violations.

    Once the second period has been completed, the Driver’s clocks recalculate automatically, and any previously generated violations get removed accordingly.

    As a reminder, HoS violations displayed in the Driver App are not actual violations and Drivers are recommended to always use DOT Inspection mode during roadside inspections. The integrity of their records is maintained and no violation flags are presented to enforcement agents.


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