What if the duty cycle does not change on the border?

    Audience Drivers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Driver App > Settings > Cycle Rules



    • This can happen when drivers do not have a Vehicle Gateway installed or connected, or don’t have a primary/secondary cycle set up for the United States and Canada in the Driver App. 
    • Drivers must set their primary and secondary cycle on the Driver App for the device to detect a border crossing movement that has occurred to automatically switch their cycle rule. 
    • Drivers receive a confirmation prompt additionally asking them if they like to add a remark on logs to notate the border crossing movement. 
    Note: Drivers must have a US cycle and a Canadian cycle set up appropriately for the cycle to switch.


    Applicable Cycles 

    United States

    • USA 70 hr / 8 days
    • USA 60 hr / 7 days
    • USA Short Haul


    • Canada South 70 hr / 7 days
    • Canada South 120 hr / 14 days
    • Canada North 80 hr / 7 days
    • Canada North 120 hr / 14 days
    Note: The driver’s cycle is only switched after a border crossing movement has been detected by the device and once the driver has stopped across the border.


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