What is RMA and how is it useful?

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Vehicle Gateway, AI Dashcam, Smart Dashcam, Cables



    RMA is Return Merchandise Authorization. Motive creates an RMA when our merchandise such as Vehicle Gateway, AI Dashcam, Smart Dashcam or Cables are either not working or the customer wants to cancel the subscription. The device has to be sent back and if the device is under warranty the customer doesn’t have to pay anything for the replacement.

    RMA helps customers get a replacement for their faulty device. You have to submit a request by contacting our customer support regarding a faulty device. Our customer support team will be in constant touch with you providing you with a case number and following up with updates.


    Note: It is important to note that you have to send the faulty device or devices back to Motive and the shipping details will be provided.


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