Paycom integration with Motive Fleet Dashboard

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    Paycom is a cloud-based payroll processing platform that offers HR and payroll software solutions for all sizes of businesses. Motive has integrated with Paycom to make payroll and Driver log management easier for your fleet. 


    Integration Benefits

    Paycom integration benefits include: 

    • Employers in Paycom are automatically synchronized with Motive.
    • Motive Driver App can be used to produce driver log events.
    • Driver logs can be exported as punch-in/punch-out events to Paycom.
    • Most recent data gets synchronized automatically.  


    System Requirements


    • Active customer of Paycom with a paid subscription plan


    • Subscription Level: Pro + ENT


    Steps: Enabling Paycom integration with Motive Fleet Dashboard

    1. To request Paycom integration, contact Paycom for client ID, SID, and token. 
    2. Send an email to to request the integration. 
    3. Once the request is received, one of the team members coordinates with you to proceed forward. 


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