Fleetpal Maintenance Integration with Motive App Marketplace

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    Fleetpal integration automatically keeps track of all costs, parts, and labor needed to optimize your fleet with Fleetpal and Motive. For fleets looking for a smarter solution to cutting-edge fleet maintenance without the heavy price tag, Fleetpal's work order management software puts you in the driver's seat.


    Integration Benefits

    • Avoid preventable downtime, including breakdowns, roadside repairs, and towing costs that directly impact the efficiency and profitability of your fleet.
    • Access service history, work order updates, track supplies, and more at your fingertips.
    • Keep your drivers protected and happy with real-time reporting and a safer approach to vehicle management.
    • Use data to make enhanced decisions that fuel the profitability and growth of your fleet.
      Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets and extended fleet downtime once and for all.


    System Requirements


    • Fleetpal Early Access Plan or Fleetpal Pro


    • Available on subscription packages.


    Steps: Enabling Fleetpal’s integration with Motive App Marketplace


    Note: This is a one-way integration.


    1. Connect with the Fleetpal team at sales@fleetpal.io, if you have not already subscribed to their solution.
    2. Log into the Fleetpal Dashboard.
    3. Expand the menu, go to Configure
    4. Click on the Integrations
    5. Click on Connect on the Motive widget
    6. Once you click Connect, you are redirected to the Motive webpage login. Enter your FA credentials and click continue. This activates the integration. 


    Support for Integration


    Motive Support

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