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    Toro TMS and Motive

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    Toro automatically tracks ETA, predicts delays, captures check-ins/outs, and automates status updates through its intelligent ELD integration. It also keeps track of the driver’s hours of service and pulls them into Toro. Dispatchers trust the information they see in Toro because it is updated in real-time.

    With Motive and a fuel card integration, Toro constantly captures IFTA data. It can automate IFTA and weight distance tax calculations, making quarterly filing a matter of seconds without needing to piece it all together manually.

    Integration Benefits

    • Integrate Motive with Toro TMS to fully utilize the platform.
    • With Motive, Toro TMS provides a start-to-finish transportation management platform.
    • Dispatching, Asset tracking, and more are all available at your fingertips.
    • Automated IFTA and weight distance tax calculations means quarterly filing is figured for you in a second.


    System Requirements

    Toro TMS

    • None


    • Starter, Pro, or Enterprise subscription plan


    Steps: Enabling Toro TMS integration with Motive App Marketplace

    This integration is powered by OAuth 2.0 and is enabled the instant the customer installs the integration from the Motive Marketplace.

    Note: On the Motive standalone marketplace, click the “Get this App button”.



    1. To install the app from the Motive embedded Marketplace, Log into Motive Dashboard and click the Marketplace option in the left-hand menu.


    2. Search for Toro TMS in the search bar and click open the tile.


    3. Click Install.


    4. Once you’ve clicked Install, a pop-up banner appears; click Install. This authenticates the integration and redirects you to the Toro TMS website.



    Support for Integration

    Company Name

    Motive Support


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