Vehicle Gateway Firmware V90 Release Notes for Enterprise Fleets

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies to Vehicle Gateway / ELD



    This article introduces the availability of the all-new Vehicle Gateway Firmware v90010.

    This update comes packed with many enhancements, improved reliability & accuracy. Outlined below are the key improvements incorporated:

    • Added Diesel Particulate Filter Lamp Status and Soot Level Telematics Signals
    • Added support for Volvo RP1226 Network Changes affecting 2024 and newer model years
    • Added support to couple Cable 3044 simultaneously with Cable 5005 (Hardwired mode for PTO installs)

    Additional improvements over previous FW Versions

    • Privacy mode AI Dashcam video and audio recording improvements
    • Improved GPS tracking
    • Improved times for enabling AI on the AI DC after bootup
    • Improved Bluetooth connectivity 

    Release Date

    We are planning to schedule the deployment of the firmware for your fleet starting November 10th. This firmware update may take up to 20 minutes.

    Additional Information

    Firmware update is an automated hands-off process and Motive will monitor the firmware release process throughout the weekend.

    The firmware update process is conducted seamlessly through over-the-air functionality, eliminating the need for manual intervention. However, if needed, the outlined steps are available for guidance. You can find them here on our Support Center.

    Our Fleet Management Dashboard provides reporting to track the current firmware version of the Vehicle Gateways. You can access this information through the Vehicle Gateway Detail Report.




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