Vehicle Gateway Firmware V95 Release Notes

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    The Vehicle Gateway Firmware v95110 update brings numerous improvements and bug fixes for a better user experience.


    What’s New?

    We're excited to introduce Vehicle Gateway Firmware v95110. This update brings several improvements in reliability and accuracy:


    New Features:

    • Multi-language in-cab alerts support
    • Enabled listening to broadcast telematics from GM vehicles and passive listening when installed for a safety-only Motive solution
    • J1979-2 OBD on UDS Support
    • New and unique audible alert for hard brake events
    • Engine coolant telematics
    • Extended engine off video recording to 3 hours for light-duty vehicles.
    • Integrated RFID/NFC reader for Driver identification
    • Included support for OBD2 EV Telematics, covering various vehicle metrics such as:
      • odometer, vehicle speed, vehicle “on” signal, battery % remaining (during driving + charging), battery temperature (deg C), battery discharge energy capacity (kWh), battery voltage (V), EV range (km), charge source (AC/DC), charge rate (kW), and battery amperage (A), instantaneous energy efficiency (Wh/km), lifetime energy discharged (kWh), and lifetime energy charged (kWh)


    Bug Fixes and Improvements:

    • Increased AI DC configuration shadow size
    • Resolved AI DC recording failure during low-power mode
    • Fixed Smart Dashcam FOTA update issues
    • Improved operations for Vehicle Gateway cell modem
    • Enhanced drive time tracking for J1708 vehicles
    • Reduced power consumption with a new "deep sleep" mode
    • Improved GPS wake-up from low-power mode
    • Enabled over-the-air updates for the LTE modem
    • Enhanced motion Driver Performance Event algorithms to reduce false positives
    • Improved LTE reliability for vehicles in Mexico


    How does this help our customers?

    1. Multi-language support for in-cab alerts ensures Drivers from diverse linguistic backgrounds can receive and understand critical alerts, promoting safety and compliance.

    2. Enhanced telematics capabilities, including support for GM vehicles and passive listening options. It provides customers with a more comprehensive view of their Fleet's performance and behavior.

    3. Integration of OBD2 EV telematics data expands the range of vehicle metrics accessible to customers, allowing for better monitoring of electric vehicles' performance and health.

    4. Improved features like extended video recording time, RFID/NFC reader integration, and AI-driven event algorithms enhance operational efficiency and safety management for our customers.


    Rollout Plan or Feature Go-Live date?

    The firmware update process is automated and hands-off. Our Fleet Management Dashboard offers reporting capabilities to track the current firmware version of the Vehicle Gateways. Access to this information is available through the Vehicle Gateway Detail Report.


    Help Center Resources: 

    The firmware update process is seamlessly conducted via over-the-air functionality, eliminating the need for manual intervention. However, if necessary, you can refer to the guidance available here in our Support Center.

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