Farm Health Guardian integration with Motive Marketplace

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    Farm Health Guardian monitors feed, livestock, and service vehicle movements, providing immediate alerts for biosecurity breaches and trace-out reports during outbreaks. Updates can be communicated seamlessly through Motive integration, ensuring effective team coordination.


    Integration Benefits

    • Enhanced farm biosecurity and disease protection
    • User-friendly web-based biosecurity software with easy setup
    • Continuous 24/7 real-time monitoring of farm location movements
    • Automated reports for swift analysis and efficient record-keeping


    System Requirements

    Farm Health Guardian

    • Version Required: 1.8.9 (FHG App)
    • FHG Subscription Level: Enterprise



    • The integration is available for customers with Motive's Starter, Pro, and Enterprise packages. 


    Steps: Enabling Farm Health Guardian integration with Motive 

    This seamless integration, powered by OAuth 2.0, is activated instantly when customers install the integration from the Motive Marketplace.

    Note: This is a one-way integration and requires configuration at Farm Health Guardian only.



    1. Log in to the Motive Dashboard and access the Marketplace option in the left-hand menu.


    2. Search for "Farm Health Guardian" in the search bar and open the tile.


    3. Click Install on the Farm Health Guardian App Marketplace tile to initiate the one-click integration process.


    4. Upon installation, users will be redirected to the Farm Health Guardian success page.


    5. Once the success message appears, proceed with additional mapping in the Farm Health Guardian platform.



    Support for Integration

    Farm Health Guardian


    Phone: +1 (519) 766-3646


    Motive Support

    Contact us


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