Vehicle Gateway Firmware V91 Release Notes for Enterprise Fleets


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    Applies to Vehicle Gateway / ELD



    This article introduces the availability of the all-new Vehicle Gateway Firmware v91008.


    This latest update brings a host of enhancements, significantly improving reliability and accuracy. Below, we've highlighted the key improvements:


    New Features (delta from v90):

    • AI DC Configuration Passthrough, to allow new configuration parameters to be added without requiring corresponding changes on the VG firmware.
    • Harsh Events (Accel, Brake, Corners) & Alerts can be turned ON/OFF, and configured independently (for event customization).

    Other Content and Bug Fixes:

    • Fixes a failure to start firmware update for AI DC when the dashcam is on the previously used manufacturing firmware.

    Firmware update is an automated hands-off process and Motive will monitor the firmware release process throughout the weekend.


    Our Fleet Management Dashboard provides reporting to track the current firmware version of the Vehicle Gateways. You can access this information through the Vehicle Gateway Detail Report.


    Please be assured that the firmware update process is conducted seamlessly through over-the-air functionality, eliminating the need for manual intervention. However, if needed, the outlined steps are available for guidance. You can find them here on our Support Center.



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