What is Electric Vehicle Tracking and Telematics?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Fleet View



    Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers can check the live data of a vehicle anytime on the Fleet Dashboard, as long as the Vehicle Gateway is connected. The Electric Vehicle Tracking and Telematics enable Fleets to get features like trip history and hard brake detection and provide Electric Vehicle related information like battery-related details and charging.


    How Tracking and Telematics Help You

    • Real-Time Visibility: Fleet Managers can keep track of the vehicle's location and performance in real time using tracking features to ensure streamlined operations.
    • Enhanced Fleet Management: Fleet owners get a detailed perspective on vehicle management, covering aspects like battery charge, Driver behavior, and overall vehicle health for well-informed decision-making.
    • Optimized Efficiency: This can lead to more efficient energy usage, reduced maintenance costs, and overall improved operational efficiency.
    • Increased Security: Tracking features provide an added layer of security by allowing you to locate your vehicle in case of theft. Telematics can also offer insights into Driver behavior, promoting safe driving practices.


    Electric Vehicle Tracking and Telematics Overview

    1. Core Tracking Features

    Our Tracking and Telematics include the following core features:

    • Live Tracking: Real-time vehicle monitoring.
    • Vehicle History & Playback: Review of past activities and routes.
    • Trip History: Detailed insights into each trip.
    • Historic Activity Search: Easy retrieval of specific historical data for analysis.


    2. Telematics on Vehicle Live Page

    Essential metrics in real-time are displayed on the Vehicle Live Page such as Battery Percentage, Range, Battery Voltage, Battery Temperature, and Charging Status.


    3. Charging Status and Battery Percentage on Fleet View

    Fleet-wide visibility with charging status and battery percentage across your Electric Vehicle Fleet offers a comprehensive view of charging progress and battery health.

    Note: Electric Vehicle features on the Live Fleet View are visible only for Fleets with electric vehicles, which are identified by vehicle telematics or fuel type.


    4. Supported Electric Vehicles

    Our Tracking and Telematics support a range of light and heavy-duty electric vehicles, offering extensive coverage across different models and makes.



    Which Electric Vehicles are supported, and how do I include mine?

    Motive supports both light and heavy-duty electric vehicles following industry-standard protocols. To add your Electric Vehicle to the supported list, contact your Motive representative or support for guidance.


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