How to enable Trimble TMWSuite Motive Channels by GLCS Integration

    Audience Drivers, Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To TMS Driver Workflow, Motive App, Enterprise Subscription



    Motive and GLCS have partnered to give streamlined access to the TMWSuite, all within Motive’s automated platform, allowing fleets to do their job more effectively and efficiently. With the Motive and GLCS's TMWSuite integration, users can unlock operational excellence with real-time GPS tracking insights, reducing errors and leading to enhanced customer service.

    Integration Benefits

    • Access the partner integration to seamlessly manage operations from the all-in-one Motive platform.
    • Reduce time spent on manual check-in calls with accurate tracking, and automated arrival and departure times with predictive ETAs.
    • Eliminate customer frustration and improve customer service with real-time load and tracking updates.
    • With Informed load assignments, easily assign multi-legged shipments to the right drivers with supported Split Trips.

    System Requirements


    • The services and Database setup will be created and installed during implementation, no pre-work is required.
    • The agt server (Channel Server) needs to be able to ping the SQL server that will house the GLCS and TMWSuite DB. It will also need to communicate with the Motive portal if your firewall has outside access blocked.

    Intel Xeon Gold 6222V or equivalent
    4 CPU cores
    16-32 GB RAM
    30-50 GB free space
    Windows Server 2019

    Intel Xeon E3 – 1220 v4 or equivalent
    2 CPU cores
    8 GB RAM
    15 GB free space
    Windows Server 2014

    Note: Channel directory and services will not be installed on a SQL server, Windows workstation, or the production Application server (where TMWSuite software resides). If an IIS server does not exist in your environment (webserver) GLCS can add IIS to this Channel Agent box during setup for Command Center Installation.



    • An Enterprise Subscription
    • Enabled for Driver Workflow Feature - Enabled by Motive Developer Support
    • An API Key - will be generated on request by Motive Developer Support
    • Fleet Admin Account for GLCS implementer

    Steps: Enabling Paradigm ERP Driver Workflow integration with Motive App

    How to Enable the Integration?
    This is a 2-way integration and requires configuration at both the GLCS’s and Motive’s end. The process for enablement is as follows:

    1. Contact GLCS at or 952-222-9145 for further information regarding how to schedule a demonstration.
    2. GLCS will schedule a call with the carrier to demo the solution to show how information flows between the GLCS system and the Motive App.
    3. During this call, the implementation team will do discovery work to fully understand how the carrier utilizes the workflow.
    4. GLCS will provide the carrier with a GLCS Motive TMWSuite Channel Questionnaire.
    5. GLCS Sales will provide the carrier with a GLCS Master Services Agreement (MSA), Statement of Work (SOW), and subscription agreement, including pricing.
    6. Upon signature, GLCS Sales coordinates a kickoff call with the appropriate personnel at the carrier.
    7. The implementation kickoff call will include a project overview and methodology.
      (The average implementation takes four weeks.)
    Note:  There is a one-time installation fee and monthly subscription fee for this integration paid directly to GLCS. A Statement of Work (SOW) and a Channel Subscription agreement must be executed with GLCS prior to starting the integration.


    Support for Integration

    GLCS Support Phone:

    +1 952-222-9145

    GLCS Support Email:

    Motive Support Phone:

    +1 855-434-3564

    Motive Support Email:


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