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    The Ford manufacturing facility incorporates a telematics device (Ford Pro) into all their 2020 and newer Model Year OBD vehicles. This device connects to the Engine Control Module (ECM), recording pertinent data such as vehicle health status and real-time GPS tracking. The collected information is then made accessible to users through their dedicated Ford Pro Dashboard.

    You can now monitor your entire Fleet effortlessly using Motive Fleet Dashboard, saving time and hassle without needing extra hardware.

    Note: Adding vehicles from the Ford Pro account doesn’t result in duplicate profiles.


    Integration Benefits

    • Manage the Fleet from one platform to make informed decisions that boost productivity, lower costs, and improve safety.
    • Seamlessly integrate Ford Pro vehicles within the Motive Fleet Dashboard without additional hardware installation.
    • Access data from your Ford vehicles, extracting GPS location, engine hours, odometer, fuel level, and fault code readings into Motive's centralized Fleet management system.
    • Customize your platform to meet your business’s unique needs.
    • Hassle-free setup with factory-fitted modems in Ford vehicles.
    • No additional hardware purchases or installations are required.
    • Access to critical compliance and safety data for informed decision-making.


    System Requirements

    Ford Pro

    • Ford Pro-equipped vehicles (2020+ models)


    • Motive Enterprise Plan 


    Steps:  Enabling Ford Pro integration with Motive App Marketplace

    1. Add Motive to Ford Pro
    2. Motive Setup
    3. Connecting your Ford Pro vehicles to Motive
    4. Auto-Consenting vehicles to Motive

    Adding Motive to Ford Pro

    1. Visit and click Sign Up Now.


    2. Click the Using a different service provider Sign Up Here link.


    Note: When signing up at, choose using a different service provider option to link your account with Motive instead of creating a separate Ford Pro subscription.

    3. Add the required information on the sign-up page.

    4. Select Motive Technologies, Inc. for customers in the United States, and Motive Technologies, Inc CAN for those in Canada as the service provider.


    5. Complete the sign-up process and click Sign Up.


    Note: Skip to the Motive setup steps if you already have a Ford Pro Account. Start with Motive Setup.


    Motive Setup

    1. Log in to the Fleet Dashboard and click Marketplace in the left-hand side menu.

    2. Select the OEM tab.


    3. Select Ford Pro and install the integration.


    4. Copy the UUID available on the Ford Fleet account.


    5. Paste the UUID on the Fleet Dashboard.

    6. Click Install.



    Connecting your Ford Pro vehicles to Motive

    1. Log in to your Ford Fleet account and select the Service Providers tab.

    2. Check if all vehicles are listed; if not all the vehicles are listed there, click Add Vehicles in the top-right corner.


    3. For adding one vehicle, select Single Vehicle.


    4. For multiple vehicles, use the .csv/.xlsx format to upload VINs and other necessary info.

    5. Once done, click Add Vehicles.


    6. Check the boxes next to the vehicles you want to consent to by clicking on them.

    7. Once selected, click Bulk Actions.


    8. Click Add Consent.


    Note: It is advisable to automatically consent to all future vehicles by clicking on the Auto-Consent Settings link in the upper-right corner.


    Auto-Consenting vehicles to Motive

    1. Log in to your Ford Fleet Account and select Admin.

    2. Click the Service Providers tab.

    3. Click Auto Consent Settings.


    4. Choose Motive Technologies Inc (US) or Motive Technologies Inc CAN (Canada) as per your location.

    5. Click Save.




    Support for Integration

    Ford Pro


    Phone: 833-FCS-FORD (833-327-3673)


    Motive Support

    Contact us 

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