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    Fleet Manager, Fleet Admins

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    Starter, Pro & Enterprise Subscription



    VesselBot is a pioneering technology company that brings transparency to Scope 3 transportation emissions with its greenhouse gas emissions visibility system. With its deep logistics market expertise, VesselBot enables companies to calculate their carbon footprint accurately and efficiently, facilitating compliance with ESG regulations and helping to reduce GHG transportation emissions. VesselBot provides high-accuracy, primary, and modeled data for all supply chain transportation modes (vessels, airplanes, trains, and trucks).


    Integration Benefits

    • Measure and report emissions of any shipment with any truck from point A to point B with high accuracy.
    • Facilitation of compliance with ESG regulations.
    • Make supply chains sustainable.
    • Comprehensive insights into transportation emissions, aiding in informed decision-making and sustainability efforts.


    Motive Subscription:

    • Starter, Pro or Enterprise Subscription

    Integration Steps: 

    • Locate the tile on the App Marketplace
    • The user will have to click the “Get this App button”.
    • The user will be redirected to the VesselBot URL and should see a success message.


    Support for Integration

    VesselBot Support Contact: 

    +30 211-117-8743

    VesselBot Support Email:

    Motive Support Phone:

    +1 855-434-3564

    Motive Support Email:

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